Barbara Schumacher

Keyboard Flute Lead & Harmony Vocals

I grew up in a small town in Illinois where music and sports were big. I started piano lessons in third grade, played flute in the band from 5th on, and was always singing harmonies to songs on the radio with my best bud Susan.  We said, “Wouldn’t it be great to be backup singers for Bob Seger?!”  My greatest vocal influence and encourager at that time was my choral teacher, Mrs. Riley.
After moving to Phoenix I got the chance to sing in small venues with my friend, Bob, who was key in giving me the confidence that I had a gift to share. I went from a duo to create the five-piece band Backseat Romance in the early 80’s and played corporate and private gigs. The name Backseat Romance came up in a conversation with another friend, Rikki, talking about younger days.
I feel fortunate to have experienced many other musical endeavors over the years such as CrossConnection, The Jimmy Dunn Jazz Band, A Touch of Class, and was a member of my church worship team for 15 years, but truly blessed to again be back in Backseat Romance.

Kieth Schumacher

Lead & Harmony Vocals, Percussion, Harmonica

Received my driver’s license when I was 13 in North Dakota.  Saw my first rock n’ roll show about then and decided I wanted to be up there singing and playing.  Started a band; put together 15 songs and decided we were ready for the big time.  Benedict Arnold & the Traitors was born.  Playing drums and singing lead, I truly enjoyed traveling the “square states” and Canada throughout my high school years.  Band names and players changed. Always cover music..  Always rock n’ roll & country …. Some things never change.


Jim Christopherson

Lead Guitar Lead & Harmony Vocals

I started studying and playing drums at age 9, and joined my first rock band when I was 13.  I continued to play drums and percussion throughout high school and college in some combination of marching band, concert band, wind ensemble, jazz ensemble, theater orchestra, and rock bands.

Some years ago, I began playing with country bands in the Phoenix area, drawn by the harmonies, chicken pickin’ guitar work, and the new challenge.  I gigged the country honky-tonk scene with several different local bands, and plugged into the pro circuit, doing various pickup shows around the Valley.

During this time, I studied voice for several years with a classically-trained opera coach.

Being a long-time “behind the scenes” guitarist and the adventurer that I am, I set the sticks down 7 years ago and started playing guitar with a local country / rock band.

I am pleased to have joined Backseat Romance, a band with positive energy, great musicians, and a killer vibe!

Steve Gation

Drums/Lead & Harmony Vocals

I was interested in music at a young age and my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Brass, recognized my interest and talents in music and encouraged me in this area. As a kid, I played clarinet, saxophone, and taught myself acoustic guitar but when I got a snare drum for Christmas and a “teach yourself to play drums” book, I started down the path I truly loved.  A lot of things transpired along the way -


I’ve played in many bands over the years and have played several different genres of music.  From 1990-1995 I played and sang country music with the band  “No Way Home” and we cut our own CD while opening for many national acts including Blackhawk, Doug Stone, Neil McCoy, John Anderson, John Berry, Jerry Jeff Walker, Shenandoah among others…and lately to now it is classic rock n’ roll and country with Backseat Romance.

There are many things that make me happy in life…when it comes to music, the thing that makes me the happiest is laying down a fat groove big enough to drive a semi through while gelling with all the other members of the band as if we’re one smooth well-oiled machine!


Jim Clarke

Bass, Lead & Harmony Vocals

A native of Arizona, Navy veteran, and accomplished guitarist I got my first bass guitar in trade for an old motorcycle back in high school. I played my first ever gig as a bass player on an aircraft carrier back in 1981.  I have played in or jammed with several local acts, most notably the Bella Union Band from 1998 to 2010. I joined Vintage Gold in February 2019, which morphed into Backseat Romance in 2020.

Allan Edmondson

Keyboards, Lead & Harmony Vocals

I started playing piano very young when my mother heard me trying to sound out melodies from cartoon shows on our family piano. This led to classical piano lessons and getting to pre-virtuoso at the age of 13.

I have had a blessed career that has included dozens of bands, and hundreds of shows, recordings, and studio productions.

Highlights would include playing with the west coast version of the Soul Survivors – we were fortunate to play with some of my musical heroes growing up including 80’s versions  of oldies groups including the Coasters, Drifters, Marvelettes, and many others.  Working with and opening shows for the Rivingtons, Al Wilson, Joe South, the Mamas and Papas, Chuck Negron, and “Uncle Chuck” Berry are cherished memories.

I am impressed with the talent and personnel of Backseat Romance and am grateful for the opportunity to perform with the group.

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